Crane Durham's Nothing But Truth is a nationally syndicated talk show.  Crane covers the top stories of the day from economics to national security to life and marriage, with expert analysis from guests coupled with Crane’s passionate, yet respectful, approach and Christian worldview. "It is not about R’s or D’s, it is about accountability," says self described ‘disciple in progress’ Crane Durham. For over a decade, Crane has welcomed callers and guests that agree and disagree, but always with respect. Highlighting God‘s grace and creation, Crane is a believer in the American Dream, defense of freedom, and honors those that provide that defense.

Recent Shows

Crane Discusses the Resignation of the MO Education System President with Hans Von Spakovsky  

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Crane Discusses the Upcoming GOP Debate with Jim Hoft

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 Crane Talks With Bill Lohr, John Feere and Seton Motley 

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 Crane Breaks Down Media Bias Against Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina on The View

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Crane's Conversation with Pete Sepp , President of the National Taxpayers Union 

 Crane's Conversaton with  Arnold Ahlert 

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Crane's Conversation with Pastor Aaron Fruh

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Upcoming Shows


Hans Von Spakovsky
Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative & Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation


Ryan Mauro
Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst

Seton Motley
President of Less Government
Wesley Wildmon and Cedra Sartin



Pastor Aaron Fruh

Arnold Ahlert
Columnist, Patriot Post &



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