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Nothing But Biblical: Kerry Warns Israel NOT To Strike Iran! An Israeli strike on Iran would have 'grave consequences for Israel and for the region.'

These comments are deeply troubling, but not surprising; the Obama administration is anti-Israel. However, the American people have supported Israel; we need to continue to stand with Israel, and like the 12,000 (…/072315-763204-media-yawn-at-the…), respectfully exercise our freedoms to expose the truth.

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Nothing But Shameful: Trans Activist Threatens Ben Shapiro

I have and continue to be a fan of Ben Shapiro (he has been a guest etc.). I have only seen this clip, but cannot see how he (Ben) is owed anything but an apology by Tur, the host (Dr. Drew) and the panel. The panelist's threat and reaction against Ben is both outrageous and shameful." 
*This story from post

Watch the video here

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‘Nine Years Ago Iran Was Trying to Kill Me, and to Kill My Soldiers’

Nothing But Perspective: Sen. Cotton, Like Sec. Kerry, Recalled His War Experience: ‘Nine Years Ago Iran Was Trying to Kill Me, and to Kill My Soldiers’

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Nothing But Lies: Ben Rhodes Misled About 'Anywhere, Anytime' Inspections of Iran's Nuclear Program

President Obama's deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, has been using doublespeak to sell the nuclear deal to the American people. In April of this year, Rhodes claimed that the nuclear deal would include "anywhere, anytime" access to Iranian nuclear sites. Last night, the top Obama adviser said, "We never sought in this negotiation the capacity for so-called anytime, anywhere" inspections. 

Here's Video

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Nothing But Leadership-Sen. Tim Scott Address on Charleston Massacre

Sen. Scott quoting a son of one of the victims: 'God Cares For His People, God Still Lives...'

watch here

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After Medical Emergency Student Delivers Powerful Prayer

After Medical Emergency Student Delivers Powerful Prayer at High School Graduation: 'We know that God is able': "Christian Crawford...took to the microphone to address the crowd

Watch Here

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Tea Party Alive

News of the Tea Party's demise is not only greatly exaggerated

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The Zimmerman Verdict and a Call to Reject Race Hustler's Hype

What the left failed to do with OWS (Occupy Wall Street), it is attempting to do with the reaction to the death of Trayvon Martin and verdict in the Zimmerman case; they seek to divide America, and advance their agenda, which is based on identity politics. Don't buy into the hype of this division or the discussion being led by a race baiting media, racial hustlers and corrupt DOJ. The focus should be on their (MSM, Hustlers, and DOJ) behavior, especially in light of the lack of evidence.


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Post Trial Questions for Zimmerman Accusers

Why are those attacking the decision leaving out the testimony and evidence Zimmerman (injuries) of Trayvon beating George Zimmerman?

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A Matter of Trust (Intro)

Accountability is something that we all desire, unless, of course,  we're the ones being held accountable, and maybe that's exactly what's happening. America first elected Pres. Obama embracing the slogan hope and change which were accompanied with promises of transparency, fairness and justice.

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Crane Durham's Nothing But Truth Nationally Syndicated on AFR

Join Nothing But Truth  by signing up for Crane's Court!

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Crane's NSA Nothing But Truth

Some notes on my coverage and opinion on the NSA story:

Edward Snowden is no hero, and he belongs in jail. At best, he violated the espionage act and at worst committed treason. Our guest Tuesday, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

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UN Amb. Rice Appointed NSA After Benghazi Lie

The person the Obama administration sent out to lie to the American people about the terrorist attack that resulted in the murder of 4 Americans,

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President Obama Spending Addict or...

Whether a person abuses alcohol/drugs or engages in behavior that is harmful, addicts have similar ways

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Islamophobia Charge, A Weapon of Our Enemy (Part 1)

The charge or insinuation of Islamophobia is music to our enemy's ears because it allows them

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