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Posted by on in Crane Explains
We Do Know This...

Image From Fox News Radio

As we learn more about the terrorist attack in Boston and now the Ricin letters sent to the President and members of Congress, we should remember that while these attacks could be foreign or domestic, coordinated or separate, left or right-wing extremists, there is one thing that we are sure of:

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The Ironic Power of the Charge of Racism

The injecting of race into a discussion, often times through false allegations of racism is a shameful practice. Ironically, the power

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Are They (MSM) Breaking Up with The Obama Administration?

The Mainstream Media's recent coverage of "The Sequester" has actually yielded some MTC.


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What Sequester Has Revealed About Our President

On August 2, 2011 Budget Control Act of 2011 was signed into law by President Obama. Within the legislation there was a trigger for mandatory across the board spending cuts (sequestration); these cuts have become known as The Sequester.  President Obama was fully aware of the element of sequestration because

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America Should Give Thanks To Dr. Benjamin Carson

Benjamin Cardin exposed the President’s ideology, policies and record  for what they are: a failed ideology that does not account for the fallen nature of man and foments

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Projection 101: The Left’s Hysterical Smears/Accusations

In response to the proposed Republican domestic spending cuts through sequester, Jane Schakowsky told reporters that by cutting spending in Washington Republicans are “taking food out of the mouths of babies.” When the claim is weighed against the facts of the WIC program, it is patently

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Posted by on in Crane Explains
Yes Madam Secretary, It Matters!

"The fact is we had four dead Americans! Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?"

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Posted by on in Crane Explains
The Way Forward Series, Part 1 of 4:

The Way Forward…What do we do we stand for and why it is not time to surrender but rather explain. On November 6, America chose to reelect a President and Congress (mostly) that ran 4 trillion dollar plus deficits resulting in our national debt growing to 16 trillion dollars.

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Posted by on in Crane Explains
Israel Responds

Israel responds to Hamas terror attacks with a bombing of weapons dump in Gaza. They really nailed them but Hamas human sheilds by locating munitions in civilian (residential) areas. Hamas actually benefited because of the use of propaganda that Israel is killing civilians. This is made possible by a lazy and corrupt news media.

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Worshiping Idols: The False God of Government Entitlement Programs

 In 2010, Social Security began paying out more than it was taking in, and Medicare is set to go broke in 2024. There are ways to deal with the fiscal crisis these programs face but it means cutting through the storm of fear created by politicians that have sacrificed individual economic liberty and healthcare on the altar of political gain. 

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Posted by on in Crane Explains
Surrendering to a Lie...

There is a lot of advice being given to the Republican Party. The statement, elections have consequences is now being used to surrender on raising taxes for the top 2%. This is the beginning of the end if conservatives embrace this piece of conventional wisdom.

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Romney's VP Selection of Ryan Changes Debate from One of Smears to One of Substance

The recent Obama/Biden campaign of character assassination, replete with distortions, smears and outright lies, has acted as a cancer to our national debate; a debate that should be focused on how best to solve the problems facing our great country. In selecting Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has delivered the antidote to this disease plaguing our political discourse.

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The Colbert Testimony Before House Judiciary

Stephen Colbert’s Testimony before House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law was, at times amusing. However, the venue for it was infuriating.  Considering the fact that the overall issue of illegal immigration is costing not only resources, but lives of citizens, perhaps congress should be interviewing actual experts?  Regrettably, they got a political satirist engaging in over the top characterizations of migrant farming replete with the ubiquitous claim:  These are jobs Americans wouldn’t do; the migrant workers are mere victims of the exploitive, American capitalist system.   

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The President Speaks To Freedom While Ignoring The Subjugators

President Obama’s recent comments reflect a worldview that is at best naïve, and at worst willfully ignorant.  Since taking office, he has shown deference to the Muslim world.  He has also accepted the narrative of Jihadists.  He has criticized his own country without context and praised the “Muslim world” with exaggerations and outright untruths.   

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Posted by on in Crane Explains
Remembering Dollars, Not Conduct

Is anyone troubled by how our elected leaders are acting as well as how they are judged?  The recent death of Senator Ted Stevens is no doubt an absolute tragedy.  When members of the media eulogize politicians, they adhere (pretty much) to the etiquette of remembering the best of the person, which is understandable, and almost always without exception the right thing to do.   

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